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Halloween Events

Updated: Oct 19, 2019

October is upon us, and that means events! All month we will be having some special, spooky treats prepared for all of you, let's look at what we have.

Week Long Events

All Month: Costume Contest

All Month: Donation Store Daily

The 7th to the 12th: Frightening Free Items

The 13th to the 19th: Selfie Scavenger Hunt

The 20th to the 26th: Bizarre Build Contest

The 27th to the 31st: Terrifying Tales Contest

Costume Contest: Players have until the 26th to create a spooky themed skin to go Trick or Treating in! Show it off as you strut down the road with your pumpkin pail filled with sweets, and you might win an extra sweet prize! The only rules is keep it PG-13.

Donation Store Daily: Receive a free item from the donation store every day! Which category will it be under, though? It's on the move! You may even have to check around at spawn for a hint on some days, so keep your eyes peeled!

Frightening Free Items: The free item dispensary at spawn will be stockpiled with goodies for all to enjoy every day. Make sure to leave some for your fellow players, though! Good things come to those who are kind.

Selfie Scavenger Hunt: Can you find Sephorial's head somewhere around spawn? She's lost it and needs it back! Unfortunately she's a bit of a klutz, so she might end up losing it all week. Take a selfie to prove your claim and redeem it for a prize every day.

Bizarre Build Contest: Create a build inspired by any of these words:





That's it! Your build can be any size, shape or block combination. However you must be able to describe clearly where in your build the word you chose is present. (For example, you shouldn't really pick the word "Fire" and make an ice castle).

Terrifying Tales Contest: A Family Friendly, 'round the fireplace scary story is always a crowd pleaser! Create a story with a minimum of 250 words, and a maximum of 5,000 words, and have it inside the Minecraft universe. How you choose to display is up to you entirely. Let your creativity soar!

Saturday Events

12th: Raffle Start, Krispy Karp, Hide and Shriek

19th: Haunted House, Cutthroat Builds (It's back!), Pig Racing

26th: Trick or Treat, Zombie Survival

Raffle: Every event that you participate in grants you THREE tickets! More tickets are available for purchase in our donation store for $1 each, on top of players being able to redeem one free ticket in our store!

The Primary Raffle Package:

(given to a winner at random)

-A collection of Halloween and Fall themed Minecraft heads, to be used as decoration or trendy hats.

-A free PokePolish

-$10 donation store credit*

-64 rare candies

-A Masterball AND a Parkball

-A Special Form Pokemon TBD

The Social Butterfly Raffle Package:

(given to the player with the most tickets)

-32 rare candies

-$5 donation store credit*

-Random Shiny (non Legend)

-Pumpkin Emoji Heads collection

Krispy 'Karp: Players will be subjected to a hot bath one block deep as they race to catch as many golden 'karps that they can! The more you catch, the bigger the prize!

Hide and Shriek: Scurry around in a custom made map that has spooky surprises hidden around every corner! Can you escape the claws of death and come out on top? Or will you be left watching as a specter?

Haunted House: Explore this mansion that has decayed over the years. Battle ghostly Pokemon, find special loot and enjoy scaring your friends in this exciting adventure.

Cutthroat Building: Based off of the Cutthroat Kitchen tv series, players will be given a build size, time limit, and 3 different blocks that they must incorporate into their build. Judging will go off of block incorporation, creativity, effort, and how well the build "works". Think you have the chops to make it out on top?

Pig Racing: Race on a race track on cute little piggies on their days off from their menial jobs. With obstacles, speed boosts and the rush of the run, what more can you ask for?

Trick or Treat: Wear your best costume and go door to door begging for little sweets and treats! Take this time to show off your custom made spookified skin that you know no one else is using so you just HAVE to show them up!

Zombie Survival: The doors won't last long, and they pour from the ceiling. In this thrilling survival, you have to keep on your toes and be ready for anything! Is that a Ghast you hear, or just your inner terror?

*Donation store credit balance must be claimed once. If you receive an X amount of credit, you must spend X amount to redeem. Credit can be combined with real currency to act as a discount.

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