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How to Make and Maintain Claims on Bright/Honor

In Multiplayer Minecraft your greatest enemy is no longer the Zombies, Skeletons or Creepers wandering the landscape, it becomes the players. To combat this, we use a plugin called GriefPrevention, commonly referred to as ‘Golden-Shovel claims’ or ‘Gold Shovel’. Ported to Sponge by the developer Blood, this is a nearly-identical fork from the plugin originally developed for the Bukkit and Spigot platforms. Read on to learn commands, best use cases and how to open your bases, homes and hearts to your friends and neighbors.

How do I claim? How can I see my claim?

After you strike it out on your own, leaving spawn either on foot or using our convenient /warp wild, all you need to create your first claim is to craft a chest and set it down in the wilderness. This will automagically create a 10x10 claimed area, protecting from bedrock to build-limit.

To manipulate your first claim you can hold a stick in your hand, right clicking on your claimed land to highlight the border.

Switch to a Golden Shovel and right click one of the Glowstone blocks on the corner to enter your claim’s edit mode. Move out to where you want your new claim to be sized and right click the new corner to set your claim’s limits. Given you have enough claim blocks and it isn’t too small your actions will warrant a success message in chat. This method can be used on all 4 corners of your claims to resize in any direction you could ever want.

To create a new claim use your Golden Shovel and right click where you would want a corner to lie, move to the opposite corner being sure to include any builds or valuables inside and right-click again to create the claim. The minimum size a claim can be is 5x5.

Ever forget where that one claim was? Make an outpost but forget to make a waypoint or set a /home? No problem! Simply type /claimslist in chat and it will generate a list of your personal claims and give a little [TP] button to teleport yourself to all your claims.

Can People access my claims? How can I allow my friends to access?

Grief Prevention has a very robust access and permissions system available to all players in their own claims, you got friends you want to allow to build in your claims? You have even more friends that you want to allow to access your supplies but don’t trust their building skills to keep your corner of the world looking as chic and modern as you would like? You can do all that!

  • /Accesstrust <player>: Allows the specified player to enter your claim and use your bed, no access to chests or building.

  • /Containertrust <player>: Allows the player to interact with your claim’s containers, crops, animals, bed, buttons, and levers.

  • /trust <player>: Allows the player to build and break as well as all rights given by the previous two commands.

  • /permissiontrust <player>: Allows the trusted player to trust other players to the current claim up to their level of trusted permissions. Be very careful with this, do not use unless you fully trust the other player.

  • /untrust <player>: Revokes all levels of trust given to a player.

  • /untrustall: Revokes access given to all players in a claim.

  • /trustlist: Lists all trusted players for the current claim.

I thrive by making a thriving community. How do I make a town?

Have you accrued enough claim blocks to cover the whole countryside? Do you like to have people close to you, just not too close without your say so? Subdivide your claim and trust players to their own plots using the following commands.

  • /claimsubdivide: Switches the shovel tool to subdivision mode, allowing you to right-click inside existing claims and make a separate sub-claim. These plots have the default claim settings and permissions unless you use the following command first.

  • /inherit: Makes sub-claims inherit the existing settings and rule-set from the existing claim. You can learn more about these settings in the last part of this post.

What else can I do with my claims?

Well, a lot actually! The following commands allow you to set custom names for your claims, specify a welcome or farewell message for players passing through or set a custom spawn point for when you or others teleport into your area.

  • /claimname [“name”]: Sets the claim’s name to that specified. (Multi-word names must be in quotation marks to work properly)

  • /claimgreeting <”Message”>: Sets the claim’s message that is sent to the player upon entering the border.

  • /claimfarewell <”Message”>: Same as above, but sent when the player leaves.

  • /claimsetspawn: Sets the claim spawn to the block on which you are standing.

  • /claimspawn: Teleports you to the claim spawn point, if set.

  • /claiminfo: Prints information about the claim you’re in.

  • /claimtransfer [player]: Transfers ownership of a claim to the specified player.

Any further information can be found at the official GriefPrevention wiki at this link

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