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Did you know that you can have a Pet Block on Bright that follows you around? What is a Pet Block, you might ask? A Pet Block is a little custom head pet that can follow you, let you ride it and rename it, and even re-skin it! They're cute little buggers that run off of your love, so no need to remember to feed it. Thanks to Shynixn and for creating this lovely plugin! Let's dive in to how to have your very own Pet Block.

This is what your GUI's Main Menu will look like on first opening!
Main Menu

To open up the GUI (Menu) for your Pet Block, simply type: /petblock into your chat and press enter. This brings up a cute little window which has several buttons on the main page.

If you want to input commands, instead of using the GUI:

/petblock - Opens the PetBlock GUI

/petblock toggle - Activate or deactivate your pet

/petblock call - Teleports the pet to your player

/petblock rename - Changes the name of the pet

/petblock skin - Changes the skin of the pet

You can rename your pet at rank Seedling, ride your pet at rank Evergreen, and update its engine, costume, and particle effects through Events and our Donation Store.

You can take your Pet out by clicking Petblock disabled to toggle it on, and return it by pressing the same button that now says Petblock enabled.

You can also "Call" your Pet, in case it gets stuck or lost.

An Engine is how your Pet behaves. Want it to make Rabbit noises and hop around like a bunny? Or make Enderman noises? Using the corresponding Engine gives your pet a sense of personality!

Everyone starts off with two Pet Engines by default on Bright. The Slime Engine, and the Pig Engine. Your Pet starts off as the Pig engine. To change this to the Slime one, simply click the button to the right that says "Engines".

Click the Slime head to select that for your Engine, or keep it as the Pig! You can also see all the available Engines on this page, which can be bought in our Donation Store.

Costumes are exactly that, costumes! They can change your pets appearance from the engine base look. Want your Pet to look like a Zombie but have adorable Rabbit tendencies? Done. Want it to have a costume to look like an Apple? You got it!

There are different sections to the Wardrobe. Simple Block Costumes, which are basic Minecraft blocks. Colored Block Costumes, which include anything that's dyed (IE: Stained Glass, Wool, etc). The cool thing about these particular costumes, is they mimic any texture pack you have on!

The other sections are Player Head Costumes, which is a single page of Minecraft character heads as well as select character heads.

The real fun is at the Pet Costumes section. With countless choices, from Cthulhu to Fruit, you can really make your pet look unique!

By default, players do not start off with any costumes, however, all players can earn Event Exclusive Costumes, found under the Player Head Costumes section.

There are 5 Event Exclusive Costumes:

-Chicken -Spider -Ocelot -Wolf -Creeper

To obtain more, you can grab them in our Donation Store!

Particle Effects are little colored particles that follow your Pet. There's a variety of Particle Effects that you can obtain from our Donation Store.

There are also 9 Event Exclusive Particle Effects!

They are all the "basic" colored effects:










We hope this guide has helped you dive into the world of Pet Blocks a little bit more! Enjoy your squishy friend~

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