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Some things are worth keeping around...

Cherish had been a Pixelmon server we had started at first to help fund our passion for NoviOrbis (on hiatus), and it was weird how much we began to love it. It was our first time running a server, and we definitely had some struggles and downfalls.

Beloved by a small community, we gained loyal players who cheered us on continuously, which is amazing. You all helped us in a confusing point in our lives, and we are forever grateful for the support we have received and still receive!

After Cherish closed, we were itching to play Pixelmon again. To interact with players in the same atmosphere, to be able to excitedly see a Legendary spawn, and to explore the world that unfolds with so many different options of game play!

In honor, pun intended, we have opened Honor, a Pixelmon Generations server.

A birds eye view of spawn

We are overjoyed with the positive comments we have received when we announced we were opening this server, and we are so glad to have been able to have a small, private opening before we opened it for public. Spawn rate balancing, bug fixes, permission issues and more have been addressed and tidied up quickly and efficiently with the help of you, our community.

As our players were busy bees and built their homes, designing their chest storage systems, and finding an aesthetic that makes their heart sing, we wanted to showcase some of these great builds!





Chidova and Seirianna


If you would like your home featured, let us know for future blog posts.

Opening up for public on 6/15/19.

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